Sensei Garriss
About Sensei Garriss

Formal Education

1987 Goldsboro High School Scholar Graduate
1992 East Carolina University BA Psychology Major Math & Science Minors
1995 Pitt Community College Associate in Applied Science in Occupational Therapy

Past & Current Certifications

Nursing Assisting
Aquatic Therapy Certification
Advanced Halliwick Aquatic Certification
National Arthritis Aquatic Certification
Basic Life Support
IWA Certified Weight Trainer
NVCI Instructor Certification

Martial Arts

1983 Jr. Black Belt Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do
1999 1st Dan--Black Belt Moo Duk Kwan Tae Kwon Do
2000 Shodan-- 1st Dan Black Belt Goju-Shorin Karate Do
2007 Nidan-- 2nd Dan Goju-Shorin Karate Do Black Belt
2011-Sandan-- 3rd Dan Goju-Shorin Karate Black Belt
PIC Certified
Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Certified

additional studies in Wrestling, Modern Arnis, Ai-Chi, Tai-Chi, Judo and more


1986 4A Mid-Eastern Wrestling Champion
1987 Coach's Award for Goldsboro HS Wrestling Team
1987 Colonial New Bern 12K Run 12-19 Age Group Winner
1988 ECU Intrumural Wrestling Champion
1990 ECU Varsity Letter in Cross-Country
1999 PCMH Occupational Therapy Department Employee of The Year
2000 OT Department and General Services Employee of the Year
2000 Brody Award for Most Outstanding Allied Health Professional
2001 Goldsboro Sprint Triathlon Men's 1st Place Team 
2001 Craven County Sensei of the Year
2003 NC Regional Kumite Light Weight Black Belt Grand Champion
2006 Behavioral Health Allied Health Professional of the Year
2007 Accepted in Cambridge's Who's Who in Executives and Professionals
2012 GORUN Hammer 264 (26.4m) 3:50:06
2013 Graveyard 100k Finisher
2013 Raleigh Half IronMan Finisher
2015 Battle at the Brick Bench Press Contest 1st Place Master's 148lb weight class
​2016 Battle of the Champions Bench Press 1st Place Master's 148lb weight class
2017 Battle of the Champions Bench Press 1st Place Master's 148lb weight class
2018 Pitt County District Cub Scout Den Leader of the Year
2018 Battle of  the Champions Bench Press 1st Place Master's 148lb weight class

Misc Acolades & Records

Over 100 Wins as a HS, Collegiate, and Adult Wrestler and Karate Point Fighter
Once Scored Straight 99's on CAT
Once Published in Occupational Therapy Weekly Magazine​
​As an Ultra Runner 85m Personal Record in 24 hours
123 Pushup Record
Plank 8:04
12 Ultras Completed
​>24 Marathons or Greater Completed
230lb Bench at 112lbs 1987
270lb Bench at 148lbs 2018
100k 13:53:00
​50m 11:43:24
50k 5:15:33
26.2m 3:49
13.1m 1:38:27
8K 28:50
5k 17:30
1m 4:51
400m :52
200m :25