From Semi-Moving Horse Stance:  Downward Circular Block with Left Arm, Right Downward Circular Block, Right Inside Circular Block/Pary, Left Inside Circular Block, Right Nukite, Left Nukite------------- BEMJO Martial Arts Center
From Moving Natural Stance with partner:  Right Palm Heel Block to vertical punch, Left Inside Circular Block to same punch, Right Vertical Punch; repeat alternating partners----------Lyndon Johnson, 10th dan
                         Goldsboro NC
Starting From Side Stance:  Step forward into side stance executing Outside Block, with same arm perform Hammerfist strike followed by inside block, continue with spinning back fist with opposite arm landing into front stance, reverse punch with opposite arm, with same side as reverse punch perform spinning back kick
                                 -------Jeremy Whitehurst, 3rd Dan
                                           Tarboro NC
Right Round Kick to Groin, Right Side Kick to Ribs, Left Spinning Hook Kick
                    --------Tony Geouge, 5th Dan
                               North Myrtle Beach, SC
From Side Stance, Right Back fist to face, Left Inverted punch to ribs, Right Back Fist to Face, Left Spinning Hook Kick to Face
                     ---------John Ormsby, 5th Dan-- Tae Kwon Do
       2nd Dan--Goju-Shorin
              BEMJO Martial Arts Center/10th Street Boxing Gym                                                       Greenville, NC
From Left Fighting Stance:  Left Front Vertical Punch, Right Reverse Punch, Right Outside Round Kick, Spinning Back Kick
                   -------Lee Ellis, 2nd Dan-- Goju-Shorin
                                         Ellis Martial Arts
                                         Wendell, NC
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From Left Fighting Stance:  Left Back Fist to face, Right Reverse Punch to throat, Right Outside Round Kick, Left Spinning Hook Kick, Right Outside Crescent Kick, Jump Spinning with Fake Left  Right Outside Wheel Kick, Right Offensive Side Kick and Back Fist Combo- rechamber end with Right Shuto

                      Tim Garriss, 3rd Dan Goju-Shorin Karate
                                           1st Dan Tae Kwon Do
                                           Greenville NC
From Fighting 50/50% Stance, Front Jab, Reverse Cross, Hook, Uppercut, Offensive Front Kick -- continue forward as partner practices Footwork Snake Drill-- at end switch drills

                   ------Tim Garriss, 3rd Dan -- Goju-Shorin
                                               1st Dan -- Tae Kwon Do
                                              Garriss Martial Arts
                      Greenville--New Bern--Ayden--Goldsboro, NC
From Fighting Stance facing partner:  attacker performs any straight strike as defender counters with outside block downward block and strike-- the original attacker becomes defender as drill repeats.

         ----Jeremy Whitehurst, 3rd Dan--Goju-Shorin                                          RED DRAGON MARTIAL ARTS
                   Tarboro, NC
Starting From Left Ready Front Stance Left downward block position:  Right lunge (any lead hand block) Double Punch, Left lunge (any lead hand block) Double punch....continue sequence varying blocks and strikes...focus on executing block at the same time front stance is completed
----Tim Garriss, Sandan
Greenville, NC
Starting in left ready front stance:  Step forward with lunge Double Punch to face(both hands at same time) at same time completing a right front stance,  step up with left leg to right leg before stepping backward into right front stance executing a downward "X" block (remember powerside hand on left hand on top if right stance), continue forward following this sequence.  -- focus on maintaining "C" Step floor contact in prep for ability to transition into different directions with different stances--
---Jeremy Whitehurst, 3rd Dan
RED DRAGON Martial Arts
Tarboro, NC
Starting in left 50-50 fighting stance:  step into right stance executing Right outside inside shuto block strike to attacker's right lunge punch, Right inside outside shuto strike to attacker's throat, left inverted nukite or punch to attacker's ribs, right cross strike to attacker's face.
John Ormsby, 5th Dan
10th Street Boxing Gym/BEMJO Martial Arts Center
Greenville, NC
Starting in left leg leading fighting stance,  begin with left front seiken jab right reverse seiken combo; perform outside right crescent kick-defensive side thrust kick to stomach combo landing into right side stance.  Follow with left downward elbow to simulated back of neck finishing with deep right front stance with Kiya!

Tim Garriss Sandan
Greenville NC  USA
Starting from right leg leading fighting stance, step forward into left leg leading fighting stance(transitioning somewhat to left simulating going toward outside of opponent's  right lunge strike) executing a right rising block.  Follow with left inverted seiken to opponent's rib.  Continue with right hand grab of shoulder and simultaneously use right leg to reap/sweep opponent's right leg.  After opponent is on ground, follow with left kick to ribs and left strike to opponent with kiya landing in deep lunge or knee stance.  Can be used as drill or self defense/drill.

Tim Garriss, SANDAN
Greenville, NC