All Promotions at Discretion of Sensei Garriss

Appropriate Behavior
No Current Failing Grades on Progress Reports
Basic History of Goju-Shorin Karate
Count 1-10 in Japanese
Additional Words To Know:  Sensei, Rei, Obi, Gi, Karate

Stances:  Attention, Natural, Front, Side, Horse, Back
Blocks:  Rising, Downward, Inside, Outside
Punches: Seiken, Lunge, Double, Reverse
Kicks:  Front Snap, Front Thrust, Offensive Side
Forms:  Takyoka I
Orange Belt

All Prior Requirements
Additional WordsTo Know:  Kumite, Waza, Shuto, Nukite, Dojo

Stances:  Fighting, Cat
Blocks:  High Closed Hand X-Block, Low Closed Hand X-Block
Strikes:  Back Fist, Front-Jab Reverse Punch combo, Alternating Double Punch, Vertical Punch, Inverted Punch, Shuto, Nukite
Kicks: Defensive Front Snap, Inside Round, Defensive Inside Round, 45 degree
Forms:  Takyoka II, Takyoka III
Techniques:  Kumite Waza I
Self-Defense:  Self-Defenses I & II
Purple Belt

All prior belt requirements

Blocks: Knife
Strikes:  Back Fist - Reverse Punch Combo, X-Block Double Punch Combo, Triple Punch, Vertical Elbow, Backward Elbow, Inside Horizontal Elbow, Outside Horizontal Elbow, Downward Elbow, Vertical & Inverted Nukite, Inside Shuto, Outside Shuto, Inverted Shuto
Kicks:  Double Inside Round, Inside Roundhouse, Outside Roundhouse, Rear Leg Side, Defensive Side, Front Knee, 45 degree knee
Forms: Pinion I, Pinion I with Sais
Techniques:  Kumite Waza II, 2-Man Waza, 4 Cat Stance Movements, Fighting Move #1, 8-count closed hand block drill, 4-count Elbow Drill
Self-Defense:  Self-Defense III, IV, and V
Kumite:  Basic Sparring