Green Belt

All Prior Requirements
5 Sources of Power
Basic Sai History
Parts of Sai

Blocks:  Palm Heel, Closed Hand Wedge, Augmented Forearm, Open Handed High X-Block, Open Handed Low X-Block
Strikes:  Palm Heel, Hammer Fist, Inside Ridge Hand, Outside Ridge Hand, Downward Vertical Ridge Hand, Foreknuckle Punch, U-Punch
Kicks:  Jump Front, Jump Side, Flying Front, Flying Side, Defensive/Offensive Outside Wheel, Defensive/Offensive Inside Wheel, Front Legged Hook Kick, Spinning Hook, Side Snap Side, Extension Front, Side, Round at Waist Level
Forms:  Pinion II, Pinion II with Sais, Pinion III
Techniques: Kumite Waza III, Fighting Move #3
Self-Defense:  6-self created Defenses( 3 end with Arm Technique, 3 end with Leg Technique), handshake and other basic wrist grabs
Kumite:  Sparring 1:1 and 1:2
Sais:  Inside Flip, Outside Flip, Vertical Flip, Butt Strike, Tines Hook
Power:  Techniques must demonstrate Power; use of bag or board breaks may be required
Blue Belt

All Prior Requirements
12 angles of attack

Kicks: Defensive & Offensive Outside/Inside Crescent, Defensive & Offensive Outside/Inside Ax, Vertical Spinning Wheel, Horizontal Spinning Wheel, Rear Leg Hook
Forms:  Pinion III with Sais
Techniques:  8-Count open handed Block Drill
Self-Defense:  Butterfly lock variations, reverse butterfly lock variations, grab from behind, headlock, hair grabs, full nelson, 2 handed grabs,  basic front and rear chokes
Sais:  12 count sai drill
Brown Belt

All prior belt requirements
5 Factors of Fighting

Kicks:  Jump Round, Flying Round, Jump Back, Spinning Crescent, Spinning Ax, Spinning Hook, Extension Front/Side/Round at Chest Level
Forms: Pinion IV, Pinion IV with Sais, Pinion V
Techniques:  Demonstration Release of Continous Kiya, Falls forward/side/backward, Tumbling Forward, Basic Block Check Counters
Self-Defense:  10 self created Self-Defenses( 4leg, 4 arm, 1 club, 1knife)
Kumite:  Sparring 1:3
Weapons:  Basic Skills for escrima sticks, Bo Staff, Nuchuckas, Tonfas, knife, improved Sai techniques; application of basic block check techniques with weapons